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SMART Performance is located in Torbay, South Devon and delivers personal training, strength and conditioning and sports science consultancy to aid you with all your fitness, injury prevention and sports performance needs using university grade biomechanics equipment. SMART Performance is run by Dan Powell who is a fully certified strength and conditioning coach with the UK Strength and Conditioning Association, the UKs only approved certification for strength and conditioning coaches.  


Our Philosophy and Approach


At SMART Performance we don't use methods from here say or fads, by using SMART goal setting with the use of scientific research allows us to deliver a besoke training programme to take your indivual training to the next level and achieve your goals. 

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We have a client driven approach & believe training isn't about delivering what worked for someone else, it's about implementing a programme that YOU require based of a biomechanical analysis, fitness testing & SMART goal setting.

Strength and Conditioning or Personal Training (Gym based)


Strength and conditioning or personal training can benefit you in many ways towards your sporting or fitness goals. At SMART Performance we use the SMART goal setting strategy and physical testing to enable us to break these goals down, making them more achievable and therefore training is tailored to your requirements.


At SMART Performance we don’t use here say and fitness fads to get results, we use a no nonsense scientific research based approach to guide our training methods aimed at getting you the results you want.  

Personal Training (Outside)



If you don’t mind the rain and getting a little muddy then maybe our outside training suits you more. The principles and approach of the training are still the same, however, training will be a little more “boot camp” style and use equipment such as battle ropes and power bags.


If you want to train outside with a friend you will still get the full personal training service, however, if you want to train as a group (3 or more, 5 max) outside you will only receive the fitness testing and nutritional advice.

To find out more about any of our services, please get in touch with Dan by calling 07973 841402, alternatively you can email dan@smart-performance.co.uk

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